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Sourdough Starter Guide

I’ve had a couple of requests for instructions on how to make sourdough starter, so here is a basic guide for you. Most instructions that I’ve come across say to keep the starter in a jar with a loose fitting lid and remove some every time you feed the starter, adding more flour and water …

Beginner Sourdough Bread

Easy Beginner Sourdough Bread Recipe

With everyone being at home during this pandemic and baking more, a lot of people, including me, have been trying sourdough for first time. While I’m not a stranger to bread baking, I had never attempted sourdough before 2 months ago. I now bake 2 loaves week and am getting pretty confident with this kind …

The Great Canadian Butter Tart

The Great Canadian Butter Tart

Today is “Friday Pie Day” in my house. This has been a thing in our house for the past couple of years. Not being much of a pie maker until recently, I used to buy a pie for our Friday night dinners. This past year, I have started making pies and tarts instead of buying …


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